About Us

The Origin of Oil Jefe

It all started with a simple thought about making a little chili oil for fun. It has turned into what I now consider today, my favourite addition to almost every meal. The idea was to take a traditional Chinese style chili oil and turn it on its head. The goal was to really optimize the peppers' sensations and flavors to be showcased in ways different from conventional hot sauces. At the time, the scope of this chili oil endeavor was intended to be small and mainly available for friends and family. After seven years of recipe evolution and various iterations; I finally found THE chili oil I was happy with and knew it was world class. Years later, after being since removed from the kitchen as a Chef for some time, I was unable to resist the desire to get concocting delicious creations for the masses. A product what was once only available for the few, ended up being born into a fantastic product that the many are now raving about and enjoying regularly. Thus, the Oil Jefe brand was born! With the help of a few friends and the burning love for hot peppers and savory foods, Oil Jefe Co. was officially formed in August of 2018.

Local Ingredients

Oil Jefe's fresh ingredients are locally sourced from BC farms and Alberta greenhouses. Our premium chili oils have No MSG, are Vegan, and Gluten-Free. Oil Jefe's main focus is on hot peppers and to craft our premium chili oils right in the heart of Calgary Alberta, Canada. If we grow together as a community, we grow together as a nation. Stay spicy my friends!